For years, women have simply accepted "orgasm difficulty" as a fact of life, when it simply does not have to be that way! LexaFem™ is specially formulated to help with this sensitive issue.

Researchers have classified the range of symptoms seen in FSD into four subcategories: Desire, Arousal, Orgasmic, and Sensitivity.

Most women lose sexual interest because they simply are not getting the pleasure and release from the sex.

LexaFem™ helps because the actual act of sex becomes so much easier for a woman to enjoy. She can stop concentrating so much on trying to achieve the orgasm because she knows it will happen. This makes the actual physical act of sex much more desirable.


If a woman does not experience orgasms, her body naturally loses the sensitivity that creates arousal. It is both physically and mentally disappointing to a woman to not have an orgasm.


Difficulty or inability for a woman to reach her orgasm in the past will leave her feeling like she, "just can't get there" or "he is not turning me on anymore". The longer these feelings exist, the harder it becomes for a woman to finally achieve her orgasm. This is exactly why most long term relationships lose the passion. An orgasm is a form of personal surrender that is erotic and at the same time therapeutic.


Once a woman has a child or aging simply starts to take effect, they experience changes in their vagina and body that decrease their ability to experience and feel with the same sensitivity that they once used to. When a woman is pregnant her body prepares itself for childbirth by releasing the hormone, Relaxin, which loosens the vagina tissues and muscles. Of course when the actual birth occurs, the vagina naturally expands to allow for the child's release. These changes in the vagina dilute the tightness that is necessary for women to experience satisfying sexual pleasure solely based on penis intercourse. Additionally, most women only achieve orgasm with continuous stimulation of a sensually aroused clitoris.

The bottom line is: In order to still reach a satisfying orgasm, a woman must have a stimulated clitoris. LexaFem™ gives all women the opportunity to introduce themselves to a whole new sensual world with NO boundaries.
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*The following testimonials were received by email and mail from Lexafem customers.

- Sharol S.

"It was amazing! I have an active sex life with no problem getting aroused. Climaxing is, however, a bit of a problem area. That area is no longer going to be a problem. "*

- Angela P.

"I couldn't believe that something so simple could be so strong! I had given up on having any more orgasms. Just having so much stress with work and children and being so tired. My husband could not believe that he finally got his wife back; I was able to have back to back orgasms!! Thank You for this awesome product it has totally given me back my sex drive! "*

- Kim

"Although I had been very satisfied with my sex life I decided to try LexaFem after a friend suggested it. I was absolutely amazed! I have been telling as many of my friends as I can about this amazing product, and many of them have come back with very similar stories about how it has helped them."*

- Lindsey

"After being on birth control, my libido was gone. I had tried several products to enhance the sexual stimulation. I was just about to lose all hope of regaining my sex drive, when one day I was introduced to LexaFem. This is one product I recommend to any woman."*

- Donna

"I have tried various products over the counter, as well as natural... I am so pleased to find something that actually works and will recommend this product to family and friends!"*

- Samantha R.

"I am 31 and I never though the day would come when I actually had a lack of desire to have sex. However I have noticed that lately I have been declining my husbands advances, making up excuses to not have sex and certainly not initiating sex. I am not a sex maniac or anything but the desire and the pleasure...(ohh the pleasure) is back."*

- Brittney R.

"After watching the commercial I thought LexaFem could be my solution, but wasn't sure. I thought my husband would be mad if I ordered it. Well, I was wrong. I told the girls at work about it, and 2 of them are already on them. One girl says she now has multiple orgasms because of LexaFem, I haven't had that yet, but I'm hoping."*

- Sherry R.

"I'm 42 now and things have been going downhill in the bedroom. I didn't know if it was mine or my husband's fault, but we both have tried various things to spice it up a little... then things were starting to look up. I feel like I need to attack my husband as soon as he gets home from work. I feel younger and my hubby loves it. We are revived sexually."*

LexaFem™ was developed by an expert team of Scientists and Gynecologists with years of experience in helping women obtain ideal sexual and reproductive health. They have created the most advanced formula available to improve sexual stimulation targeted solely to the female pleasure zone.

It is important to note that the LexaFem™ formula is hormone-free. All of the ingredients are naturally derived and completely non-toxic. LexaFem™ is also one of the only effective female sexual enhancement products does not require a prescription from a doctor.

LexaFem™ is manufactured in an FDA approved facility operating under the strictest GMP (good manufacturing practices).


The 4 Stages of Arousal

Stage of Arousal
Physical Characteristics
Increased heart rate, respiration
and vaginal lubrication due to increased blood flow.
Vaginal swelling, enlargement of
breasts, nipples become erect,
increase in muscle tension.
Synchronized vaginal, anal and
abdominal muscle contractions, loss of involuntary muscle control, feelings of INTENSE PLEASURE.
Rush of blood away from vagina,
shrinking breasts and nipples, reduction
in heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.

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Dr. Nathan "Nat" J. Felder ND, RH. (AHG),

Licensed Clinical Herbalist & Botanical Medicine
Author and Ethnobotanist for over 45 years
Nathans Natural, Inc Founder & President
Herbalist & Alchemists Staff Leader